Want An Alternative To Flying?

Want a cheap outdoor adventure? For your next road trip, consider hiring a campervan.

Campervan hire in Australia is a terrific way to travel. It’s a mobile micro home! We enjoyed the campervan road excursions so much that we bought one.

Check out this post to see why we liked renting a campervan for outdoor excursions.

Easy Camping

We enjoy camping, but it can be unpleasant. Setting up a tent and campground is laborious. Tents are easy to set up now. The tent and sleeping accommodations still require improvement. Let’s not even speak about disassembling and repacking everything the next morning. Ouch!

Imagine pulling onto your campground without setting up. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired or dark with a campervan. Get your chairs out, make a fire and boom! Campout!

Covering Ground Is Easy

You may quickly relocate from one campground to another because you don’t have to set up and take down each night. When you’re done, you hop in the van and depart.

This allows us to see a lot on our travels, which is the point of a road trip.

Vacation Flexibility

A campervan lets us cover a lot of land on road trips and be flexible when seeking campgrounds.

Without a campground, we can stay somewhere new every night.

Both of our campervan road excursions had trouble finding many available campgrounds. With a campervan, we could stay at various campgrounds each night.

We found a one-night waterfront spot. If we were tent camping, we wouldn’t have rented a place for one night and missed the wonderful site.

Makes Flying-To-Camping Possible

Renting a campervan can help you camp while you’re far from home.

Camping gear is plentiful. If you want to camp far from home, you must either fly with your gear or rent it when you arrive (including a car).

A campervan hire combines a car rental and camping equipment into one convenient package.

Anywhere You Can Cook

We loved that we could cook wherever in our campervan during our Canadian Rockies trip.

Campervans usually have a portable stove and culinary equipment.

It was great to leave our campsite in the dark for our first excursion of the day. In the parking lot, we made coffee and food to fuel our journey.

It’s great to be able to have lunch anyplace. You never know when you’ll find a gorgeous roadside lunch place.

Be In The Action

Exploring national parks requires this. By renting a campervan, you may remain inside the park. This saves time. Campervans are camping vans.

As a van, they’re easy to drive in the city and on the highway. We adore being able to park in tight spaces without getting trapped.

How Much Does A Campervan Rental Cost?

A campervan road trip’s cost depends on numerous factors. Transportation, housing, food, and entertainment are trip essentials.

Renting a campervan covers transportation and overnight charges. If you stay at campgrounds, you must pay fees. You may save on hotel and transportation.

Campervan vacations decrease our food and entertainment costs. Our campervans featured built-in refrigerated drawers that held a lot of food.

We love being outdoors, so we eat many meals in the van so we can hike and explore. Making our meals and trekking a lot reduces our vacation costs compared to a city trip.

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