Useful Tips To Use Your Vaporizer Optimally

A dry vaporizer is a device that is used to heat up cannabis flowers or dry herbs. When the device heats up these ingredients, the flavors and aromas are extracted and the user can enjoy the effect. Every vaporizer has got its own features. You can optimize the performance once you learn the tips on how to use them.

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Here are some tips to use your vaporizer efficiently.

Grind Your Herb

To get the proper vapor production, you need to grind the dry cannabis according to your vaporizer’s heating system. It comes with three different heating systems:

  • Conduction
  • Convection and
  • Hybrid, which is a combination of convection and conduction.

The herb needs to be powder-fine, if the heating system is conduction. More particles get exposed to the heated surface only when they are ground finer and all particles will be heated up evenly. For this type, you need to pack herb tightly or compress them.

Convection vaporizers heats up using hot air. To maximize the air flow, you need medium grind herbs.

For the hybrid types, you can choose in between fine and medium ground herbs.

Depending on your vaporizer, fill it up appropriately to get quality vapor production.

How To Fill?

Make sure that you have enough herb in the bowl to cover the surface area. Take care not to overpack your bowl especially, if it is convection-type. You can fill up to 80 to 90 percent, but not more than that. On the other hand, if you are filling less than 50 percent, then make sure to compress the herb.


Different vaporizers come with different temperature control systems. Whatever be your vaporizer, it needs a minimum of 157°C (i.e., the boiling point of THC). Since most of the vaporizers show temperature of heating element, the exact heat in the chamber will be little lesser than it is shown.

It is good to start with a 170°C and work your way up if you need a perfect setting that suits you.

Clean Your Vaporizer

The most important thing is whatever vaporizer you have, keep it clean and maintain it at its best. Only then it works efficiently at all the times.

When you use the vaporizer, the herb heats up and leave behind a resin in your vapor path. If you don’t clean this regularly, they build up and restrict the airflow.

Clean the bowl quite often, since there will be bits of old chunks. Otherwise, you will taste already vaped chunks which won’t taste good.

Without screens, your vaping experience will be unpleasant. Screens prevent particles from ending up in your mouth directly when you vape. As you vape, the screen gets dirty and clogged. As a result, it will also prevent the vapor. So, it becomes important to maintain unclogged screen.

With these tips, there will be no need to blame your vaporizer to get thick, voluminous clouds.


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