Get Properly Trained on Merging Lanes While Driving To Avoid Fatal Injury

Driving is an art that can be learned by anyone. Even disabled people can drive and they can also customize their cars to match their needs. It is good to learn driving from parents as they can also become your companion and teach in a personal manner. However, learning driving from a reputable institute not only helps in building confidence but also gives theoretical and practical knowledge about driving.

Australia has various forms of transport. Majorly, it is dependent on road transport and then or rail transit. Australia stands second in the level of car ownership. It is also the third-highest country in fuel consumption. Melbourne has the highest car dependence than Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. Due to the excessive usage of cars in the country, everyone needs to have a driving license.

LTrent Driving School is known for its 50 years of experience and knowledge of Australian roads. Over 300,000 students have completed 25 lessons with them. They are Australia’s’ leading educator of driver trainers which makes all trainers the most qualified in the industry. Their innovative curriculum and fun and knowledgeable which makes all students pick driving easily.

Merging Lanes while Driving

Driving on roadways, expressways, and freeways is fun. The broad roads allow various cars to travel at high speed. Although, there is no traffic light entering the freeways requires the merging of with other cars. Merging in lanes is an easy task, but not for students and beginners. It requires the right timing, patience, and coordination. Yet, people are lack sometimes and end up crashing with another vehicle.

If you follow certain dos and don’ts while merging in a lane, you can avoid accidents and drive smoothly with confidence –

Dos of Merging Lane

  • You will have to match the speed of other vehicles in the lane while moving in. This way the traffic will not have to slow down to give you space to enter or someone coming at high speed from the back will not hit the vehicle in front.
  • Adjust your side-view and rear-view mirrors properly to avoid any blind spot. This way you can check properly both sides for cars before entering any lane.
  • When you’re driving on a highway on the left lane and there is a lane merging in your way, it is your responsibility to give space to other cars to merge.
  • Don’t cross multiple lanes at one time. It is safe to use one lane at a time to avoid confusion in other drivers.

Don’ts of Merging Lane

  • Don’t slow down before merging with other traffic. If you’re below the speed limit it can be dangerous to merge at that time, but wait till you find it safe to join traffic.
  • Don’t slow until you enter the turning lane to merge with traffic. If you slow down, it can confuse other drivers.
  •  Don’t focus too much on lane lines and white lines, otherwise, you’ll get distracted by the traffic which can lead to accidents.

Of all driving mistakes, changing lanes and incorrect signaling are common on roads. It is important to learn defensive driving while learning to change lanes. Get proper training from driving school and also drive with parents to get efficient.

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