Hotel Lobby Design – Tips to Entice Your Guests by Illuminating It the Right Way

The importance of first impressions is well-known. It is all the more important when it comes to hospitality sector. When guests arrive at a hotel, the first thing they would be noticing is how visually appealing is its lobby. They assess the lobby to decide if the hotel is a classy one. This reestablishes the need to design the lobby in an attractive way.

Designing lobby, the right way:

The lobby is like the central area in the hotel. It is where the guests will be interacting with the hotel management team. Design it in such a way it is stylish yet functional. Choose the right lighting to maximize the functionality and glitz quotient. Lighting has the power to influence the mood of a person. Use this to your advantage to impress your guests.

Factors to consider when designing lobby lighting:

Put the needs of your guests in the forefront when planning hobby lighting since utility is more important than design. The factors to consider are:

  • Brightness: Too-bright spaces are off-putting. If you are aiming for a warm, homey look consider downlights or LED strips while if you want to create an inviting look, use directional lighting to focus on specific areas like tables, sofas or specific objects.
  • Color temperature: Use yellow lights in place of white for extra touch of comfort. Yellow light isn’t harsh on the eyes and is much more welcoming than white light making it apt for hotels.
  • Color Rendering: Even though you aren’t going to display any product in hotel lobby, pay attention to color rendering index when planning lighting so as to create a better impact.

Hotel lobby design ideas:

Install a spectacular statement piece:

Chandeliers are a symbol of sophistication. Chandeliers are the popular choices for lobbies and entryway. If you are looking for the best types or choices of chandeliers available, you can visit

Sofary is the leading suppliers of lighting fixtures for residential and commercial purposes. You could click here visit their website. They offer top-selling models which include:

  • Crystal chandeliers
  • Candle chandeliers
  • Raindrop chandeliers
  • Glass chandeliers
  • Tiered chandeliers

Opt for bulbs with dimmers so that you can change the brightness intensity to create the preferred ambience and mood according to the time of the day. Choose the fixture style that resonates with your hotel personality. There are chandeliers suitable for traditional, Victorian-era and modern architecture.

Increase functionality with floor and table lights:

Set up a comfortable seating area for guests in the lobby area. Install able or floor lights in the area so that readers can go through magazines or these phones there without straining their eyes.

 Wall lights to adorn ceiling:

Large spaces need more light sources. Wall lights provide supplemental illumination and alleviate glare. Use it to highlight artwork and decorative items.

A well-illuminated lobby is important for boosting hotel business. It retains the contemporary look for long and makes your hotel look brand-new. Choose high-quality crystal chandeliers and create a lasting impression amongst the guests. Design the space creatively using right choice of lighting.

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