Great Himalayan National Park

The Great himalayan national park (GHNP) is surely one of the most recent additions to the proud list of India’s national parks. it’s settled within the Kullu city in Himachal Pradesh. it absolutely was inbuilt the year 1984. I need to tell you it’s situated at over sixty km of distance from Kullu. previous visiting the national park it’s a good an honest a decent plan to grab good information concerning its history. you recognize what this park has been named when the first Indian Prime Minister as jawaharlal nehru great himalayan national park. This space conjointly covers the watershed regions of Sainj, Jiwa and Tirthan rivers.

You will like to go fro trekking here. isn’t that so? wouldn’t you prefer it? after all you will. it’s associate altitude starting from 1,500 up to 6,000 meters on top of water level. it’s charming natural surroundings like amid dense forests that undoubtedly bring you close to the Mother Nature. you will definitely like to visit this park a minimum of once if not more. This whole park covers a locality of about 754 sq km that’s encompassed by uncommon alpine meadows,wild life species and snow capped himalayan Mountains. Now, you need to have created up your mind to explore this national park.

The Great himalayan national park (GHNP) is that the home for over over 375 fauna species wherever in it consists of 127 insects, seventeen mollusks, eleven annelids, nine amphibians, 3 reptiles, 181 birds, and 31 mammals. it’s simply marvelous. Of course, they’re protected under the rules of the life Protection Act of 1972. The dense forests of Cedar trees, Oak trees and Pine trees make up the flora along with the wide forms of flowers and Bamboos wild grass. you’ll spot animals like Monkeys, Langoor, himalayan Black Bear, Red Fox, Musk deer, barking deer, himalayan Tahr, Serow, Goral, snow leopard, and Blue Sheep, himalayan brown bear.

Himalayan region is for sure a blessing in disguise for all those folks that are adventurous, love trekking in GHNP, nature lovers and appearance out for refreshing places. Of course, the great range park is one such stop over. This park alone attracts concerning wide range of tourists through out the year each from national and international destinations. This place promises you to expertise best photography, trekking and eager love for animals and plants. the most effective sites and season to travel is from Sept to Nov as a result of at this time the animals begin their seasonal migration from higher altitudes to lower altitudes.

You can additionally view and explore the sweetness of the tiny mammals like Yellow necked marten cat, Indian coney, himalayan musteline, big Indian flying squirrel, and porcupine. These tiny very little mammals have their own life and home ground. you’ll be able to not miss this chance as we tend to are giving mind blowing offers and tour packages to you. The rarest insects that may be seen here within the nice himalayan national park embrace Long Horn Beetle, Mollusca, Dragonflies, skipjack, Moths, Butterflies, Honey bees, Cicads, beetle,ladybird beetle, stag beetle,and scarabaeid beetle.

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